The charge is calculated per character on the basis of the source text, in other words, you will be informed in advance of the final price for the translation. A fixed price per character is provided for Japanese source texts and a fixed price per standard line is provided for English or German source texts: the standard line = 55 characters incl. spaces (more info on standard lines).

The cost of a translation is calculated based on a number of different factors. These include how specialised the text is, how much research it will entail and the file format / time needed to format the translation properly. Another important aspect is whether the text is intended for publication or not, as the purpose of the translation also influences its price. For example, it will cost less to translate a document that is intended for internal use and for information purposes only than it will to produce a translated text that is ready for publication.

Due to these factors, a precise quote can only be calculated once I have seen the text to be translated.

Fixed prices including certification apply for some standardized Japanese documents:

Pricelist for translation of Japanese documents into German / English

I am more than happy to provide you with a personal quote. Please send me your scanned texts as an email attachment or fax. I am only able to provide a binding quotation if you allow me to see the documents in question.

Although I work with the greatest care to ensure my certified translations are of the best quality, errors cannot always be completely avoided. In the unlikely event that you find an error in one of my certified translations, please inform me of this immediately. I will naturally be happy to provide you with a new, corrected copy, at no extra cost to you.

Corporate customers:
Any reference material that you can provide me with for the translation will help to ensure accuracy and consistency. It can also speed up the translation process considerably. Examples of useful reference material are previous translations, corporate glossaries and leaflets or brochures.