Certified translations for official submission to authorities – nationwide

For private clients
Birth certificate (koseki tohon / koseki shohon), single certificate / certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage (kon‘in yoken gubi shomeisho), registration card, driver’s license, official registration of marriage / birth / divorce / death, certificates of all kinds, diploma, professional license, CV, job application, residence permit, passport, identity card, certificate of conduct, Apostille, tax documents, court decisions, etc.

For corporate clients
Texts for the formation of a company (GmbH, representative office, domestic branch) in Germany, articles of association, power of attorney, extract from the commercial register, registration of a trade, etc.

Language Pairs
Japanese ↔ German
English ↔ German
English ↔ Japanese

Translations into English and Japanese are checked by native colleagues.
With regard to further language combinations, I am happy to assist in locating suitable colleagues.

During normal business hours I can provide you with an immediate, non-binding quote free of charge. Documents would need to be submitted for evaluation.

Originals do not need to be submitted. The translation and certification can be based on scanned (via email) or faxed documents. This is the correct official procedure, as the certification also details the form in which the document was presented (e.g. “This document was presented to me as an electronic file…”).

Payment by bank transfer or PayPal.

It is a global service, because the translations will be sent by post.

The recognition rate for authorities is 100 percent.